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Who Are We | Hybrid Management Group REI


It Comes From A Desire To Serve


Hello! My Name is Chris McIntosh. I'd like to welcome you into the world of Hybrid Management Group REI LLC. Our Mission at HMG-REI is to pursue real estate investment, development and management opportunities responsibly and with integrity, for the benefit of our investors, partners, sellers, employees, company, and the community.

Hybrid Management Group-REI Philosophy - Our philosophy lies heavily on our core values of Integrity, Honesty & True Help to those that we service. Holding these values in every transaction, consultation and interaction in all aspects of business.


Your Unique Situation Deserves Attention & A Smooth Process


Our team approach is designed to use our combined knowledge, experience and skills to provide the expertise and service our customers and clients deserve.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth process for our customers and clients in the purchase or sale of real estate.

We accept all challenging and difficult situations related to real estate transactions as opportunities to use our professional skills. We find solutions that best achieve the real estate needs of our customers and clients.

We are asking an opportunity to present options to you. You have the right to information, make and educated decision before ruining your credit or future purchase ability.


  • Many do include staying in the home you love. This is our first priority.

  • Maybe a Forbearance is in order or you need help presenting a loan modification. A bit of free education in these areas could give you the bit of time to get back on your feet!

  • How about moving from Pre-Foreclosure to Monthly Cash Flow - Without taking on tenants!

  • Amazing opportunity to have your property work for you with out the headaches of being a landlord.

Cash Offer - Always used as a last resort, this will always get you the least amount of return, but is by far the fastest way to walk away from a property. There are thousands of investors, flippers, and wholesalers who are hungry for properties. If this option is good for you, use our network to find those in a position to help you.


Why Hybrid? | What Is The Name All About

hybrid noun | something that is a mixture of two very different things:
Their work is an interesting hybrid of popular real estate strategies and what I feel like nobody ever tells us......

When it came down to laying out the business and how we were going to bring unparalleled value to our Homeowners, Investors & Buyers, we found ourselves in a mix of best practices. We did not want to limit ourselves to what we would have the ability to help with.

The plan always has been to be able to assist in any Real Estate Transaction that would present itself to our company. There are definitely uncertain times ahead of us. Writing this post in mid February 2021, we have all watched the world change in so many ways. At Hybrid Management Group we have the mindset to pull anybody out of any situation. PLEASE REACH OUT AND ASK ?QUESTIONS?

It is possible to use your current house to take better control of your financial future? I promise this, no matter the situation, we will do everything possible to help you succeed into the future.


To Our Sellers


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! ASK QUESTIONS!! You can always get on the phone with us and start to plan your next step for free. You might find yourself in the hands of a very capable agent. And that is ok! Before you just go down that road, wouldn't you like to know all the options you had, before its too late?

Sometimes a realtor just cant help and that is ok too. This is where we shine for you. If you or someone you know is in need to sell their property but may be having a hard time getting the attention of a realtor for one or two of many reasons including:

  • Low or zero equity is perfectly ok.

  • Behind on payments? No worries.

  • New job, need to relocate?

  • Don't want your house full of people, judging you and it's value.

  • Heirship, Probate

  • You want what you want, people are telling you, your crazy.

  • Divorce

  • Looming Foreclosure

Every Single One of these situations could be turned into monthly cashflow.

From time to time we find homeowners a couple years into a mortgage and realize they don't want to do 28 more years of payments.

Often times we can offer more than full and fair market value for your home. Just reach out and receive a NO obligation assessment of your property. You absolutely owe it to yourself to weigh all your options.


To Our Home Buyers


As mentioned above, these uncertain times have many of us worried about what the future holds. Can you buy a house in the market situation we found ourselves in? What are there Banks requiring you to have to qualify? Can you qualify? Yes! Yes you can.

Our properties are turn key and ready for you to begin again, with the piece of mind that you are a human, not a number or a note. You will be treated as such. Who makes a good buyer for us?

  • Some buyers just simply wish they could own a house with out a bank always being in total control of your situation.

  • Maybe you want to start buying and need some time to get that bank loan and just want to start owning now.

  • Anyone worried about their financial future. Because we see you as a person and not a number, we care about you. Trust me, it will be easier to deal with us in a time of job loss or emergency situations than a traditional bank. We are ready to take care of homeowners in these most uncertain times.

Let us know if you are looking to buy, we will send you a list of available properties, or put you on a notification list to see new properties first.


Local Real Estate Agents


AGENTS! Attn Local Real Estate Agents

We are looking to network with our local motivated realtors in the Southern Indiana Market.

We have many programs and options for the clients you paid money to get in front of but are not quite ready to buy or sell.

Do you have a contract about to expire? A lead you paid for right?

We understand how hard you work for your leads.

Scroll to the bottom of your CRM software and let us reconnect with the distressed out of shape or low equity properties.

We are problem solvers, with more to offer than Cash, Cash, Cash. We will close your deal and pay all closing costs. We also come in unrepresented so we will pay you or someone in your office to write the deal for us.

Make it an awesome week Agents! We are in your corner, and here to provide a valuable set of tools to your more troubled properties.

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