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Turn Your Home Into A Cash Producing Asset

Updated: Feb 15

Turn Your Home Into A Cash Producing Asset
Learn Something Today
That You Didn't Know Yesterday &
Teach That To Someone Tomorrow 💯

I Have To Pass This Along

As I Started studying real estate, building Hybrid Management Group REI, I couldn't believe the things I was learning. I couldn't figure out why so many of these things are not just common knowledge.

Then that was it right there, I'll build this business with the desire to educate and help as many people as I can, learn how to leverage their home, IN ANY CONDITION, to pay them for years to come. So many traditional practices don't have to be so traditional any more.

I want to invite you along to open your mind and visualize a different kind of reality, where you have taken control of your financial future with an asset you have been literally sitting on top of.

So spend a little bit of time with me and lets talk about all things money, real estate and moving forward with 1000% more confidence. I want to open my network to you, I want to share my knowledge with you.

A rising tide lifts all boats

The aphorism "a rising tide lifts all boats" is associated with the idea that an improved economy will benefit all participants. I want to be that tide, I want to bring as many of you along with me as possible.

So What About Money?

The more I learned about real estate investing, I realized people were more likely to loan their money against REAL PROPERTY faster than just about any adventure I tried to pursue. But Why? It allows your money to work. If it is just sitting in a bank/savings account, it is being lazy. To illustrate we look at this article,

Best savings accounts & rates of February 2024

Here are Bankrate's selections for the best savings account rates from top online banks:

  1. Best Overall Rate: Comenity Direct - 0.60% APY

  2. High Rate: Vio Bank - 0.57% APY

  3. High Rate: Synchrony Bank - 0.55% APY

  4. High Rate: Popular Direct - 0.55% APY

  5. High Rate: Ally Bank - 0.50% APY

  6. High Rate: American Express National Bank - 0.50% APY

  7. High Rate: Citibank - 0.50% APY

  8. High Rate: Barclays Bank - 0.40% APY

  9. High Rate: Capital One - 0.40% APY

  10. High Rate: Discover Bank - 0.40% APY

  11. High Rate: Citizens Access - 0.40% APY

  12. High Rate: PurePoint Financial - 0.40% APY

So from the top 12 best performers, you will not even earn a full 1% return on your money. WHY? The big problem with “save money,” is that it used to be true. A couple generations or two ago, saving money made sense.

You could set aside a certain amount of money and retire on it. Your parents or your grandparents might have done just that, and it worked. But what worked for them cannot work for you in today’s economy. To understand this, you must understand the history of money.
Today, savers are losers. Why? The bank pays you a lower interest rate on your savings than the inflation rate. In essence, this means that your money in the bank loses more value than it gains over time. It’s a losing proposition to save. The dollar you save today will be worth less a year from now ROBERT KIYOSAKI

Think about this... The bank is going to give you a return of less than 1% but lend that money to everyone else for 3-5 and up to 10% return for themselves. You can do this too. HMG for example pays our lenders 15% or more for the money we borrow. That is the cash we use to help you build. Where could you get money at 3-5% and get it back @ 15%. 401? SD-IRA?


Lets Put That Cash To Work Then | The Search For Private Lending

Yes there are many ways to do this such as the Stock Market, Investing in Small Businesses and Real Estate. I started learning that people are putting their money to work in real estate for an 8-15% return of their cash. With real estate you can deploy this money for 30 days up to 10 or even 30 years. So I started seeking out these individuals who are practicing this very idea day in and day out and asking questions.

I started thinking about how I could be a good steward to someone else money. Could I invest someone's cash, give them a great return, driving local businesses, turning peoples homes into assets for them, and providing amazing housing to someone who deserves the chance to buy a home.

The answer to all of this is YES! Private lenders understand this and they are actively looking for places to put their money.

So I started learning just that. Now I want to teach people how to do the same. It can start with the house you are in right now. It don't matter if you owe on your house or if you own it free and clear. Strategies such as these are how we got our name HYBRID. It became obvious that with this knowledge we could not only provide service in Real Estate but we could help people leverage their house to relieve some of the financial burdens that hold them down.

So How Can HMG Help ME?

We have begun making these connections. We would like to sit down and create a plan for you. My favorite strategy is Getting top dollar for your house, but over 10 yrs. This is what we do, we want to help in this way. We are not making you a land lord, think of yourself as a bank, BANK OF YOU.

Focus on cash flow, that is why you have a JOB right. Give your house a job, give your money a job, make them produce cash for you. You could Cash flow your house, take the down payment loan it out for 15% and cash flow from that also. Now you have employed your house and your cash.

What if that cash flow could pay for a new house for you?

This is just one example of how this can work in your favor. In the process of learning about Real Estate I have uncovered a real tool to help our clients really grow and use what they have to really do the things they want to.


We implore you to ASK QUESTIONS. Not even to us, ask questions to your Real Estate Attorney, Ask Questions to your CPA, ask questions to that local Real Estate Flipper you know. Become increasingly curious about your cash. You have options, and we are here to simply guide you thru the process of leverage, and financial security.

I am not a Lawyer, I am not a certified CPA, I ASKED A MILLION QUESTIONS and plan to ask A MILLION MORE. Use this as a jumping point to learn something different. I only aim to push for self education. Go find answers! If you want to use our network or motivation we will be here. You can learn more about Myself and the Motivation of HMG in my last post... Who Are We - HMG_REI

Learn Something Today
That You Didn't Know Yesterday &
Teach That To Someone Tomorrow

Have a blessed, amazing day in abundance! Move into the information age and GO LEARN THAT THING YOU DIDNT KNOW ABOUT!

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