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Hybrid Management Group

Real Estate Investments

Our Mission is to provide “Excellence in Real Estate Services” to all of our customers and clients by conducting all of our business with the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity.
Our team approach is designed to use our combined knowledge, experience and skills to provide the expertise and service our customers and clients deserve.
Our goal is to ensure a smooth process for our customers and clients in the purchase or sale of real estate. We accept all challenging and difficult situations related to real estate transactions as opportunities to use our professional skills. We find solutions that best achieve the real estate needs of our customers and clients.

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Modern House
Suburban Family Home
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Suburb Family Home
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Country Style Home
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Kitchen Interior

Honesty | Integrity | Ethical

Creative Home Solutions For Any Seller

The alternative is to ‘fly blind’ when it comes to avoiding issues that might come back to haunt you later. After all, if you’re going to hire a professional, whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, architect or real estate agent, it makes sense to seriously consider their input. So if you’re in the market for an honest agency, what are the kinds of things to look for and how do you locate one? Find out today by filling out the form below.

Creative Solutions

There Is A Solution For You

Do Not Go Another Day In Default

Stop Foreclosure

We Can Help Bring Any Property Back Into Good Standing

Owner Finance

Check With Us To See What Properties Are Avail Now For Financing


We Specialize In Tough Situations

Ask About Our Mortgage Relief Program

With Little To No Equity? Just Want Out?

Pending Foreclosure? Moving In A Hurry?

There Is a Solution For Every Situation

Our goal at Hybrid Management Group REI is to find creative solutions. We’re experts in the real estate industry, and want to help homeowners who are looking for a way out or may have fallen on tough times.
Many of these factors include but are not limited to Pre Foreclosure, Expired Listings not selling, Divorce and Heirship.

Modern Fireplace

Submit Your Property | Sell Your Home Right Now

Most investors make cash offers on homes to further incentivise sellers to sell at even lower prices than they normally would. But what about those sellers who are in "must sell" situations and simply don't have enough equity in their home to attract a "cash buyer"?


This Is Why We Are Here

Do Not Go Another Month In Default. I know our team can find a solution for you and all parties involved.  We specialize In Honest, Ethical and Moral Character to find our home owners proper solutions to help navigate the toughest of times. 

Thank You |  I    Will Be In Touch Very Soon | Looking Forward To Meeting You

Chris McIntosh

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